Door to the Past

Everyone has a past.

There are all kinds of memories, some that we love to archive for a lifetime, while some we try very hard to delete from our life.

Still, human nature is to search and dig out those memories which caused emotional turbulence or disturbance in our life. We tend to recall them again, as we like to keep attached to those thoughts and events which motivate us to overthink.

Many doors lead us to the past. Hence it is advisable to keep doors to the past always locked.

If we keep it open, it leads to a thought rush leading to overthinking. It has an unwanted impact on our bodies and mind. Even if we want to unlock the door to the past, be careful to recall those experiences which can give us a learning experience and leads us to development. It is what we call mind control.

So we must command our minds to recall those memories which give us happiness, hope to live, motivation to succeed, and inspiration for living a happy and prosperous life.

Life Coach