आयुष्य हे !!!

खरेच आयुष्य किती स्वप्नवत असते ।
हा हा म्हणता बालपण सरले ।
शाळा संपली, कॉलेज ही संपले।
राहिल्या नुसत्या आठवणी।

ते रुसवे ते फुगवे ।
ते राग ते हसणे ।
कोणाशी तरी खूप बोलणे व कोणाशी तरी एक शब्द ही न बोलणे ।
आता राहिल्या फक्त आठवणी।

ते आनंदाचे क्षण काही दुःखाचे ।
काही क्षण कधीच संपू नये असे वाटणे, तर काही लवकर निघून जावेत असे होणे ।
कधी कधी पोट दुःखे पर्यंत हसणे तर कधी किती रडू असे होणे ।
आता राहिल्या नुसत्या आठवणी ।

आलेले यश साजरे करणे ।
अपयश ही आपलेसे करणे ।
मोठया मोठया इच्छा उराशी बाळगणे ।
त्या पूर्ण करण्यासाठी खटपट करणे।
आता राहिल्या फक्त आठवणी।

किती काही करायचे होते।
खूप काही केले ही, तरी खूप काही करायचे राहून गेले।
वाटते कधी कधी खूप वर्ष जगलो आपण , पण खरे जीवन जगणेच राहून गेले।
आयुष्याच्या संध्येला प्रत्येकाला नक्कीच असे वाटून जाते।
खरेच आयुष्य किती स्वप्नवत असते ।


Our world is changing at a faster rate now, and sometimes we find it difficult to cope with the changes. We try our best to find out the solutions to our problems; however, it seems more difficult. We even discuss it with someone from our family or friend circle, and we get a temporary relief as if we do get from pain when we have painkillers.

Still, we somehow find it hard to get a proper analysis of the situation and to take steps to handle it effectively.

You eagerly look for someone to help you with your issues. 

Some of your friends and relatives may suggest you go for Counselling but, you deny saying, “I’m not sure I need Counselling, but……

To help you, here are some potential reasons when one can opt to go for Counselling.

  1. If you are feeling overwhelmed in any area of your life;
  2. If you think that things are becoming too difficult to manage;`
  3. If you are becoming moody and agitated;
  4. When you experience unwanted changes in your life. You often find that change can overwhelm or challenge you;
  5. You are in a strained relationship;
  6. When sleep is difficult, it may be a warning sign;
  7. When you frequently get ill or feel unknown fatigue or tiredness;
  8. When feeling lost, alone, or isolated;
  9. Self-Harm thoughts.

With Counselling, you have the opportunity to open up about your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances in a confidential, non-judgmental setting. 

  • It discusses the client’s emotional issues and works with them to design the best outcome;
  • It assists you to focus on the reason why you feel this way; then finding a solution to resolve these unwanted behaviors.

A Counsellor will listen to what you are saying and to what you are not saying. 

  • She/he helps you to express what you find difficult or impossible to put into words. 
  • She/he helps you to reframe some of your issues, relieving some of your burdens.

When you get support to understand the reason, it can considerably lighten the heavy feeling you carry. 

  • A Counsellor will accept you exactly as you are, whatever you think of yourselves or what you have done. 
  • A Counsellor will help you to see yourselves and others with empathy, thus enhancing your understanding.
  • A Counsellor can help alleviate the pressure you feel and provide solutions on ways to communicate more effectively to dissolve the conflict in your relationships, to gain a new perspective, and take proactive steps to reconnect with others.

So many reasons why having a session or two with a Counsellor can help you improve your thoughts, benefit you in your daily life, and support you in any transition or problem. Going to a Counselling session can be the healthiest thing that individuals can do for themselves. There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance and reaching for help.

Contact a Counsellor today and alleviate the burden and weight you continue to carry around, thus enhancing your abilities to lead a happy and prosperous life.

ABLES Counselling

Being active !!!

One fine day, I was surfing through the internet and came across an article on inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. I was aware that physical inactivity adversely affects health but never experienced it. So, I decided to have an experiment on myself to understand what an inactive lifestyle does to one’s life.

I decided to work online for a week and postponed all my appointments and sessions so that I can lead a very sedentary life for a week to understand its effect on the human mind and body.

A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with little or no physical activity. A person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day.

I continued the experiment for a week. Sunday was the most inactive and last day of my experiment. I was shocked to see the unwanted changes in me:

  • Though there was no weight gain, there was a gain in body fat %. There was an increase in fat around the belly region. My face became puffier, making me look more aged. There was an increase in visceral and subcutaneous fat, making me feel heavier;
  • I felt weakness in the muscle, leading to back pain;
  • There was severe joint pain, especially knee and shoulder joints;
  • I experienced some heaviness in my heart;
  • There were changes in the biological clock of the body;
  • There were frequent mood swings and distress in me;
  • I became more anxious, irritating, and restless.

Inactivity and the sedentary life of a week hampered my health, happiness, and wellness of life. It took me the next three weeks to completely nullify the ill-effects of my experiment and to regain back my health. It became a challenge for me to be active again, but I managed it successfully by using my diet and exercise methods and techniques.

I wonder that sedentary life of a week can have so many ill effects, then it is sure to have affected much more adversely to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle for a longer duration. There are many scholarly articles on inactivity and sedentary life, explaining its ill effects and ways to counter them.

  • Sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression, and anxiety. Worldwide, a sedentary lifestyle is estimated to be responsible for 6% of coronary heart disease cases, 7% of type 2 diabetes, 10% of breast cancer, and 10% of colon cancer cases. 
  • Obesity can be both a cause and a consequence of physical inactivity. Physical inactivity is associated with impaired sensitivity to hormones involved in metabolism, loss of lean muscle mass, and a reduction in total energy expenditure. It’s therefore not surprising that studies have found that physical inactivity can cause weight gain – and in combination with other factors, obesity. Physical inactivity can also be an effect of obesity, leading to chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and impaired physical performance.
  • It’s a vicious cycle: physical inactivity contributing to fat gain, leading to overweight and secretion of inflammatory cytokines, both of which may drive a further reduction in physical activity levels.

Accumulating evidence suggests that regular physical activity improves short- and long-term well-being by reducing feelings of stress. Regular exercise can help to increase lean muscle mass, improve appetite regulation, and elevate resting energy expenditure.

One can do the following activities as per their schedule:

  1. Low-intensity exercises include taking a walk, stretching, and light gardening.
  2. Moderate activities include pleasure walking, climbing stairs, gardening, yard work, moderate-to-heavy housework, dancing, and home exercise.
  3. More vigorous aerobic activities, such as brisk walking running, swimming, bicycling, roller skating, and jumping rope — done three or four times a week for 30-60 minutes — are best for improving overall fitness.

An active lifestyle leads to a happy and healthy life.

Amol Dixit ( Wellness Coach )

Smile for your success !!!

It was a pleasant morning. I was getting ready for the lecture for students of the renowned institute. The topics for the session were scrolling in my mind.

I was about to leave, thought to have a last glance at the mirror. Everything was fine, my dressing, my posture, absolutely ready for the session

My mirror image: Hey! you are missing something, Amol.

I had a close look at myself, my clothes, my ID card…

My mirror image: Amol, something is missing.

I was then worried about what was that; I was missing. I had a close look again.

Oh!!! I realized It was my smile !!!

I excused my mirror image and did some analysis.

It was the first session at that institute so, I was a bit stressed about the outcome of my session, which cost me my smile. I used my secret techniques; my smile was back on my face.

Then, again came to the mirror for approval.

My mirror image gave me a thumbs-ups: Complete man.

The smile changed my personality so positively; I started feeling confident and full of energy.

I was ready for my session on Personality and Professionality Development (PPD).

Like everyone’s, my smile too was contagious; it spread a wave of happiness to everyone in the session; needless to say, that session was a great success!!!


There was a smile on everyone’s face; it enhanced their abilities with more opportunities for success…✍️

Success Coach