ABLES Training and Development

ABLES conducts training/coaching sessions for staffs / individuals / students / groups / professionals on following topics:

Training includes sessions on :

  1. Personality Development;
  2. Professional Development;
  3. Stress and its Management;
  4. Exam Stress;
  5. Career Development;
  6. Skill Development;
  7. Communication Skills;
  8. Technical Communication skills;
  9. Business English communication,
  10. Employability skills,
  11. Emotional intelligence.

We conduct all the training sessions as per the client’s requirements.

The batch size for any session can vary from 1 to 30.

Benefits of training and development :

  • Increased productivity
  • Self-motivation
  • Skills Development.

ABLES provides online as well as face-to-face training.

Mr. Amol Dixit – Motivational Speaker and Trainer

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