ABLES Mentoring

Everyone needs proper guidance to succeed in their career and life. 

ABLES mentoring is the process of providing guidance and sharing knowledge, skills, and life experience to guide another toward reaching their full potential. 

  • It is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect;
  • It is more focused on creating an informal association between the mentor and mentee;
  • It is a learning relationship, generally focused on long term career development;
  • It offers the chance to improve communication skills and develop leadership abilities;
  • It helps to grow their confidence in areas of expertise;
  • The primary purpose is to drive personal growth, building skills, knowledge, and understanding.

Benefits of having an ABLES Mentor

  • Encouragement and support for growth and improvement;
  • Guidance/collaboration;
  • Teaching advice;
  • Building a professional network;
  • Receiving feedback on behavior;
  • Open your mind to new ideas and possibilities;
  • Identify opportunities and advise on how to promote yourself;
  • The growth opportunity will be immense.

The minimum amount of time the relationship must last is six months; however, there is no maximum. It may last a lifetime, depending on the willingness of the two parties. 

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