New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

Hi Friends, I am taking an opportunity to discuss resolutions for 2022 in this blog. It will help you understand them, their categories, and the steps to accomplish them.

Resolutions are firm decisions to do or not to do something / the quality of being determined or resolute.

They can be anything from things –

  • You need;
  • You want;
  • You desire to achieve or quit for the betterment of your life;
  • You strive for;

We make so many resolutions each year, such as: 

  • I will be fit from fat this year; 
  • I will go to school/college/or office on time; 
  • I will be in a healthy relationship this year; 
  • I will do further studies; 
  • I will achieve success in a job or business; 
  • I will quit smoking/drinking this year and many more…

However, as we all know, most people fail to accomplish their tasks and leave their resolutions either before starting them or halfway. We hear or read many jokes or comments on it. It is always a trolling topic in the first month of every year, and every year history repeats itself.

  • Let us take resolutions positively this time and assume that we will complete our resolution list in the new year – 2022;
  • Let us take a guard against all the distractions and excuses in the new year;
  • Let us fight against all the odds which defeated us for many years;
  • Let us keep ourselves accountable for our resolutions; 
  • Let us take all the responsibilities to achieve them;
  • Let us achieve whatever we desire in the new year to be an inspiration for those who care for us, love us, look upon us as their idols;
  • Let us be that one person to announce that we achieved our resolutions and receive appreciation from our family and friends. It will be a motivating factor for us each year.

The few things that one needs to understand while making a resolution list are:

  • Make your resolutions in your own words;
  • Make your list depending on situations, requirements, needs, or passion;
  • Do not copy while making a resolution list. Instead, make resolutions in a language that you understand and explain in a better way.

Here are a few steps one can follow while making a resolution list and achieving it:

Step 1 – First, make an overall list of your resolutions for the new year;

Step 2 – Now categorize them into various categories;

Category 1 · Depending on the importance;

Category 2 · Depending on the urgency;

Category 3 · Depending on its type;

Category 4 · Depending on its duration;

Category 5 · Depending on the relevance.

Once you categorize your resolutions in one of the above ways – you will be in better positions to understand them, analyze them, and resolve them.

Step 3 – Find out all the opportunities you have;

Step 4 – Find out all the threats you may face so that you will be more prepared;

Step 5 -Take help from your friends, relatives, family, or close ones in achieving goals. If possible, find a mentor or coach to achieve your goals related to your life, wellness, health, relationships, education, career, or business. 

Step 6 – Work on easy and urgent goals first. It will help you to gain confidence.

Step 7 – Achieve your resolutions and celebrate your achievements to boost your confidence to achieve more.

All the best for your resolutions.

Wish you all in advance a very Happy and Prosperous New Year – 2022…✍️

ABLES New Year Resolution Coach


Dear Friends, I welcome all of you to ABLES, a journey to lead happy, prosperous, and successful life. Mr Amol Dixit

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