Exams !!!


As exam dates are approaching, the atmosphere in many houses changes drastically.

Students appearing for SSC, HSC, and final year examinations are the ones experiencing these changes.

Parents put all their efforts so that their children score good marks in exams. It is the same scenario we see each year during exams.

Even after all the efforts, some students, though intelligent, somehow fail to perform as per their potentials in exams. 

The situation further worsens when parents and relatives, without knowing the exact reason, comment – Thoda aur padhai ki hoti toh aur acche marks aate. It further demoralizes the students. 

Article_Amol Dixit

I do conduct individual sessions as well as sessions for institutes on – Exam and stress management. It received a positive and overwhelming response from students and their parents as well as institutes.

The one common observation I had during my sessions is that students know about the implications if they don’t do good in exams, but they are unaware of the bright future they will have if they do well in exams. 

Students should be made aware of the importance of exams in their life and career. It will help them to see exams as an opportunity and platform to prove their worth. Students should be made aware of other benefits of appearing in exams and doing well in them. 

It is the responsibility of parents to believe in the abilities of their children. They should encourage students to succeed positively. 

All the best in advance !!!

Education Coach and Counselor


Dear Friends, I welcome all of you to ABLES, a journey to lead happy, prosperous, and successful life. Mr Amol Dixit

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