Fat to Fit

The most appreciated compliment nowadays is about fitness. Even though all of us desire to be fit, we turn up getting fat.

We join gyms, do heavy workouts, and even reduce some weight but somehow fail to achieve the desired results. The simple reason for our failure is our desire for immediate results.

For immediate results, we neglect the following: our biological clock, body type, mindset, daily routine, and many more important things.

After a patch of fitness, we experience more hormonal imbalance, more fat on the body, knee or back pain, and many other side effects.

My Fitness shoot

We can achieve desired results with homemade food, a home gym, without any starvation, without supplements, without any haste, without any injury, and without any strict diet.

Being a counselor, I know that our mindset plays a crucial role in our fitness. However, it is the most neglected part of the current fitness world.

Fitness cannot be the same for everybody. It depends on a person’s mindset, body type, lifestyle, eating habits, work schedules, and many other factors.

From my experience, I would like you all to know that it is ok if you get fat; however, it is necessary to be fit again and if you don’t know how to, then take the help of someone who knows the way.

Mr. Amol Dixit – Fitness Professional


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