There are many surveys on the happiness index and prosperity index, depending on many parameters. These surveys remind us that our world needs happier people than successful people.

Many would wonder what a happy life and happiness mean; it means a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Happiness is a mental or emotional state, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

We all think that hard work leads to success that makes us happy, but actually, it is another way round – happiness gives the energy to do hard work leading to success.

If you see the list of the world’s happiest countries and prosperous countries in the world, you will find almost the same names in both lists. It proves that “Happiness brings Prosperity.”

Happiness is contagious. If you are happy, then it will make your family, friends, and relatives happy. Further, it will make society, the country, and the world very happy.

Happiness brings positive changes in us, leading to self-development and overall growth.

A happy person is bound to carry the following qualities:

  • Positive;
  • Optimistic;
  • Experience less stress;
  • Remain calm;
  • Energetic;
  • Recover faster;
  • Live longer.

Being happy helps us to live our life to the fullest. It helps us in our success and prosperity.

One happy person can spread happiness to more than 1000 people. If you want a change in the world, you need to make that change at your level first.

The world is full of happy people and if you could not find one, then be one this year.

Be the change to make a change.

Will you be that happy person in 2021 ???

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