Happiness leads to Prosperity – 2020 !!!

Yes, it is true!

Happiness –> Prosperity –> Success.

Let’s see what does prosperity means?

Prosperity is flourishing, thriving, good fortune, and successful social status. It is often associated with wealth, happiness, and health. It is dependent upon your happiness and balance in your life. To prove this fact, I have done some analysis.

In 2020, the same countries topped the list in a survey on the happiness index of 156 countries. I have noted down the names of the top 20 happiest countries.

1. Finland6. The Netherlands11. Canada16. Ireland
2. Denmark7. Sweden12. Australia17. Germany
3. Switzerland8. New Zealand13. United Kingdom18. United States
4. Iceland9. Austria14. Israel19. The Czech Republic
5. Norway10. Luxembourg15. Costa Rica20. Belgium

If we look at the list of countries that topped in Prosperity ranking, there are almost the same.

1. Denmark6. The Netherlands11. Iceland16. Australia
2. Norway7. New Zealand12. Ireland17. Hong Kong
3. Switzerland8. Germany13. United Kingdom18. United States
4. Sweden9. Luxembourg14. Canada19. Japan
5. Finland10. Austria15. Singapore20. Taiwan

Our India is 101st in the overall Prosperity Index rankings and 144th in the Happiness Index rankings. If we want our country to top both the lists – the Happiness index and the Prosperity index, we need to work on those factors that our culture taught us. We need to go back to our roots and relearn again what we have forgotten.

Our ancestors have taught the world about values and ethics for leading happy and prosperous life. It is now time to enlighten ourselves with that forgotten knowledge by reading books, scriptures written long back in our Indian culture.

Our country was once the happiest and prosperous country in the world because of its rich culture, morals, and values. We must follow the same path to bring back that golden era of our country…✍️


Dear Friends, I welcome all of you to ABLES, a journey to lead happy, prosperous, and successful life. Mr Amol Dixit

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