A fruitful November after lockdowns

Due to the pandemic, we had to stay at home for our safety. The lockdown was necessary for our health and safety.

The most beneficiary from the lockdown was Mother Nature. We have seen and heard the good news about the healing of the earth due to the lockdown.

During the lockdown, I followed my methods for my physical and mental health. I am happy to achieve the desired results.

I have noted down a few things that I did in lockdown :

  • I watched Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Chanakya on the DD network – It helped to learn the importance of human life and its values. It also reminded me of our rich Indian culture;
  • I read Bhagwat Gita twice. It helped me to learn many things about human life and the way of living it effectively;
  • Did meditation, omkar mantra, pranayama, yoga, bodyweight exercises, weight training, pilates, and kickboxing for a healthy mind and body;
  • Online mentoring sessions for students, aspiring people who are looking for a job, wanted to set up a new business, homemakers, and working women;
  • I have published two fictions on Amazon Kindle – Digging Gold Out Of Mine – A Life -Changing Book ( https://ables.in/2020/05/08/digging-gold-out-of-mine-a-life-changing-book/) and “Why Am I So Unhappy?” (https://ables.in/2020/09/23/why-am-i-so-unhappy/). The characters in these books will help us to understand the day to day challenges we face in our lives and how to overcome them for a happy life.
  • I improved my indoor games – Chess and Carrom.

I hope many of you must have utilized your lockdowns very productively. I will love to hear about it as it will inspire and motivate many. 

After a lockdown, I got the opportunity for face to face training sessions, counseling, and consulting sessions from October:

  • Conducted Lectures for students on Employability skills (Academic) in Wai;
  • Consulted for an interior design project for two studio flats in Pune;
  • Consulted for an interior design project for a coffee shop and snack center in Pune.
  • Conducted a session on ‘ Stress Management’ for a kitty group in Pune;
  • Three face to face counseling sessions in Pune.
  • I have started with the draft of my third book and will publish it very soon.

Though lockdown affected all of us financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically; we are coming back on track 👏👏👏

Better days are coming…✍️


Dear Friends, I welcome all of you to ABLES, a journey to lead happy, prosperous, and successful life. Mr Amol Dixit

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