Smile for your success !!!

It was a pleasant morning. I was getting ready for the lecture for students of the renowned institute. The topics for the session were scrolling in my mind.

I was about to leave, thought to have a last glance at the mirror. Everything was fine, my dressing, my posture, absolutely ready for the session

My mirror image: Hey! you are missing something, Amol.

I had a close look at myself, my clothes, my ID card…

My mirror image: Amol, something is missing.

I was then worried about what was that; I was missing. I had a close look again.

Oh!!! I realized It was my smile !!!

I excused my mirror image and did some analysis.

It was the first session at that institute so, I was a bit stressed about the outcome of my session, which cost me my smile. I used my secret techniques; my smile was back on my face.

Then, again came to the mirror for approval.

My mirror image gave me a thumbs-ups: Complete man.

The smile changed my personality so positively; I started feeling confident and full of energy.

I was ready for my session on Personality and Professionality Development (PPD).

Like everyone’s, my smile too was contagious; it spread a wave of happiness to everyone in the session; needless to say, that session was a great success!!!


There was a smile on everyone’s face; it enhanced their abilities with more opportunities for success…✍️

Success Coach


Dear Friends, I welcome all of you to ABLES, a journey to lead happy, prosperous, and successful life. Mr Amol Dixit

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